Rob Kardashian Thinks Blac Chyna Tried To obstruct His Father’s Day

Chyna & Rob Kardashian are still not getting this whole co-parenting thing down.

According to a source via TMZ, Rob believes his baby mama was trying to obstruct his Father’s Day by making up lies about him on social media.

If you missed it, Blac Chyna decided to fire some shots at both her baby daddies on IG this past Sunday, writing “wow Tyga and Rob, no child support BOSS BITCH ALL 201[8].

blac chyna

Rob believes Chyna simply did that to try and ruin his Father’s Day. He thinks Chyna was egging him on to come after her with some slander back because he’s prohibited from doing so. According to their custody agreement, they made an agreement to keep all the negative stuff off social media, and he thinks she was baiting him to fire back at her.

Sources say Rob has been paying child support every month, which is a crazy $20K a month, but he’s wanting it to be reduced to minimum because he’s not making any money at the moment.

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It is also reported that Rob is a great Father and never misses or skips a visit to see their daughter Dream. So maybe Chyna really was just trying to egg Rob on to come back at her? Who knows.Either way,it’s still petty games from two grown adults.

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