Rich The Kid Under Investigation For Assault After Supposedly Attacking Photographer

Rich The Kid allegedly attacked a photographer outside a LA steakhouse,prior to his home invasion incident.

As if Rich The Kid couldn’t use a break right now, the ATL rapper might be in trouble with the law again.the “Plug Walk” rapper is currently under investigation for assault after allegedly beating up a photographer outside Beverly Hills steakhouse, Mastro’s.

The story goes that Rich was leaving the restaurant last week with a lady friend and jogged out the front door to a waiting car. A photographer, who had been waiting outside, saw Rich and asked if that’s how he ran from Lil Uzi, which apparently sent Rich off. If you’re unaware, Rich was spotted earlier this month literally running down the street away from Lil Uzi Vert, who he had been calling out and beefing with for months on social media.

Reports say that Rich beelined straight to the photographer and got into a heated argument, before things eventually turned physical. Rich allegedly punched the man and hit his camera. Meanwhile his female friend allegedly grabbed the camera when they bolted. As a result, sources say the friend is also under investigation as well for theft.

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This all apparently happened just days before Rich kid and his girlfriend, Tori Brixx, were attacked and hospitalized during a bad home invasion robbery.

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