Muslim group threat to press for legal action baseless- Falz

Nigerian rapper, Folarin Falana popularly called Falz, who has been in the news over controversies surrounding his video ‘This is Nigeria’, has finally reacted to the threat by the Muslim Right Concern (MURIC).

MURIC,in a statement signed by its executive director,Ishaq Akintola on Tuesday,issued Falz a seven-day ultimatum to take down‘This is Nigeria’ video.

It had condemned the song and the video for featuring a character that dressed like a Fulani man beheading a man and also for portraying women in hijab as choreographers dancing the ‘shaku-shaku’.This sparked controversies online as even some Muslims criticised MURIC for not giving ultimatum to Boko Haram and herdsmen.

However, Falz said MURIC’s allegation of a hate video was baseless as the girls in hijab dancing ‘Shaku Shaku’

symbolizes entertainment being a distraction from everything that is happening in the society.

According to him,he also addressed issues of pastors and corruption in the video, noting that MURIC had no case against him.

He told Punch ”I spoke about other issues like insecurity, corruption,and I even talked about pastors. No Christian has come out to say that it is a hate video;so what is MURIC talking about? I do not really understand them.

“I think it is very clear what that Shaku Shaku scene represented in the video. The message is very clear because the girls there symbolise the constant issues and troubles that face the innocent girl child in Nigeria, especially in the northern part of Nigeria.


“They have been victims of kidnappings and we have the case of the Chibok girls and recently the Dapchi girls. Till date,most of the Chibok girls have not been found while a Dapchi girl is still held captive.That is what those girls symbolise.

“I feel everyone got the message and it is absurd that a group of people like MURIC alleged that it is a hate video.

“I was dancing as well in the video and the dance was symbolic.The dance was symbolic of entertainment being a distraction from everything that is happening in our society.Shaku Shaku is the most popular dance step in Nigeria and it is currently in vogue;it is pretty clear that with all that is happening, everyone is embedded and carried away with the dance culture.I was just trying to say that everyone is too carried away with entertainment that they seem to forget all the things that are happening right in front of our faces.

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Further speaking on MURIC’s threat to take him to court after the seven-day ultimatum, Falz said he was ready for any case.

“I feel it is very funny because there is no cause of action, to be honest. There is no law that is against young ladies dancing in hijab. There is absolutely no basis for a legal action, I mean, people dance in hijabs all the time in movies and parties. In fact, designers have made sportswear that have hijabs, so why are they not saying that is a disrespect to the religion? I think it is a baseless allegation.

“I have the utmost respect for Islam as well as every other religion but what I think our people need to focus more on is how to get away from being religious fanatics. It is one of our biggest problems and it was an issue I addressed in the same song and visual.

“If there is really going to be a court case, of course, I am prepared but there is none; there is no case here and I do not think it is anything that would hold water in any court. If they were to institute proceedings, I do not think it is something that would see the light of the day because there is no cause of action.

“I am very prepared and I know that social conscious songs like this do not come without repercussions and reactions. They do not come without backlash.

Political commentary and socially conscious music is something my father has always encouraged me to do; so he was happy when this came out,” he added.

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