Lung cancer high rate among women increases

Lung cancer mortality rate among women is expected to increase by 43 % from 2015 to 2030, according to an analysis of data from 52 countries.

The highest lung cancer mortality rates in 2030 are projected in Europe and Oceania, while the lowest lung cancer mortality rates in 2030 are projected in America and Asia, according to the study published in the journal Cancer Research.

“While we have made great strides in reducing breast cancer mortality globally, cancer mortality rates among women are on the rise worldwide,” said study author Jose Martinez-Sanchez, Associate Professor at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC Barcelona) in Spain.


For example, rates of lung cancer among white women ages 40-44 went from 12% lower than men during the 1995-1999 period to 17% higher during the 2010-2014 period. Rates also crossed over from being higher among men to being higher among women for Hispanic women in some age groups. Among black and Asian women rates got closer to the rates for men, but rates of women’s lung cancer incidence rates did not exceed those of men for those ethnic groups.

“If we do not implement measures to reduce smoking behaviours in this population, this cancers mortality will continue to increase throughout the world,” Martinez-Sanchez added.

In this study, the researchers analysed breast and female cancer mortality data from the World Health Organization (WHO) Mortality Database.

Lung and breast cancer mortality rates in women were then calculated for each country, the study said.

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The researchers found that compared to middle-income countries, high-income countries have the highest projected mortality rates for both lung and breast cancer in 2030.

However, these high-income countries are more likely to have decreasing breast cancer mortality rates,

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