Jurassic World sequel released heedless monster chaos

The dinosaurs are fine in “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.”It’s the people that are ridiculous and irritating, so much so that this latest sequel,which weaves in warnings about tampering with nature and genetic engineering is a near-case study in mindless monster franchises run amok.

What started as a movie about a theme park has become, perhaps impossible to aviod, more of a theme-park ride than a movie largely neutralizing other assets, Pratt’s charm and comedic skills foremost among them.

And while one could charitably credit the filmmakers with trying to do something a little different, the plot ultimately boils down to “Greed is bad.

Picking up three years after “Jurassic World,” the story quickly reunites Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard, in more sensible shoes this time) and dino wrangler Owen (Chris Pratt), who have had time to date and break up, the better to have them re-bond over their latest ordeal.

So Owen, Claire and a couple of new but equally poorly written characters (Justice Smith, Daniella Pineda) are drafted to embark on a mission to help transport the dinosaurs off the island, which, alas, only takes up about half of the movie, before a more nefarious plot kicks into gear.

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Like the last “Jurassic” movie, “Fallen Kingdom” is enjoying robust international appeal. The film has already been released in more than 50 countries, in hopes of drawing global crowds before the World Cup dominates audience’s attention.

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