Jeremy meeks Payed his ex wife off,gets custody of son

Jeremy Meeks is gonna have his own modern family after making a deal with his ex-wife which gives him primary custody of their 9-year-old son, and gives her a huge sum of money.
Sources tell us the “hot Melissa Meeks reached the agreement shortly after their divorce was concluded earlier this month.Under this terms, we’re told, Jeremy gets primary physical custody of Jeremy Jr. and Melissa will get a check,somewhere in the 6-figure range.


As reported, Jeremy and Melissa’s original divorce dore hole had her getting primary physical custody with a 70/30 split in time with each parent. They’ve flipped that under the new deal and, starting this summer, Jr. will be living in the U.K. with Dad and his gf, Chloe Green.
We’re told meeks and Chloe have already enrolled Jr. in a private school he will soon begin attending in the fall.


The new arrangement allows meeks to merge both of his families. Remember, he and Chloe the Topshop heiress just had a baby of their own.

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Now, little Jayden Meeks-Green will grow up with his big bro.isnt that amazing

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