Drake has Another project on its way via New Record Deal

Drake’s new project on its way, fresh off the release of his latest album, Scorpion. The project has been doing some serious numbers on the charts but what’s more intriguing about the project is that he revealed this is possibly the last album he owes on his contract to Young Money/Cash Money. On “Side A” closer, “Is There More,” he raps, ” “Soon as this album drop I’m out of the deal.” According to reports, he wasn’t lying and on top of that, there is more.

Now that scorpion is out—and completely  dominating chats it seems it’s just a matter of time before the rapper officially ends his cash money deal and take his talents somewhere else.

Drake is reportedly a free-agent right now, as he stated on “Is There More. With that being said, it looks like he’s looking for a new record label to call home. According to Variety, the rapper’s has another project or will say “release” in the stash that’ll drop when he announces his next record deal.

A well-placed source tells Variety that when Drake signs his next deal, he’ll have another release ready to drop to accompany the news,” it reads in the article.

According to music attorney, Dina LaPolt, Drake’s superstar status can negotiate a proper deal for himself.

“Drake has the bargaining power to negotiate a net profit split with the best deal terms and a humongous advance up front.” She said.

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While it’s unsure who these sources are or if there is actually a new “release” in the cut, we’re excited to see what Drake has up his sleeve in the future. The rapper’s previously alluded to meeting his contractual obligations with Cash Money, namely on If You’re Reading This Its Too Late and More Life but neither of those seemed to be true since Scorpion was also released under Birdman’s label. We’ll keep you posted on more information on Drizzy’s label situation.

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