Antifa list names and photos of 1,600 ICE Employees

Twitter account connected to the Nebraska branch of Antifa has tweeted out a long list of ICE employees assembled from LinkedIn.

The organization shared a link on Tuesday that includes names, photos, job titles, cities and links to ICE employees’ LinkedIn profiles. Some enterprising hero archived the ICE employees listed on LinkedIn,” said the tweet from Nebraska Antifa, which claims to share news on trap hunting fascists and racists in Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas.

The document was originally assembled by Twitter user Sam Lavigne, who claimed to have “scraped LinkedIn for people that work for ICE.” Lavigne’s original post on Medium has since been removed, but the Nebraska Antifa account linked to an archived version of the list for its followers to access.


The Verge spoke to Lavigne, who is a New York-based artist, saying that he was “just trying to pose the question” of who is responsible for implementing ICE policies.

Lavigne’s post came as ICE and its agents face intense national scrutiny in the wake of President Donald Trump ’s hardline immigration practices, which have seen escalating deportations of undocumented immigrants as well as thousands of migrant children separated from their parents along the U.S.-Mexico border.

On Tuesday, Trump responded to the national backlash, signing an executive order to halt the separation of families.

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