ACCC Fined Apple $6.7 Million USD for false impressions

Apple is facing a class action lawsuit by ACCC relating to its watches, the bad news for the tech giant continues with a new decision in Australia. After an investigation over the Error 53 bug that spread in 2016 and made thousands of iPhones unusable, the Australian Consumer,competition and commision has fined Apple $9 million AUD (approx. $6.7 million USD).

On Tuesday, the Australian Federal Court found in the regulator’s favour, saying Apple had breached the country’s consumer law by telling some 275 customers they were not eligible for a remedy if their device had been repaired by a third party.

The mere fact that an iPhone or iPad had been repaired by someone other than Apple did not, and could not, result in the consumer guarantees ceasing to apply,ACCC Commissioner Sarah Court said in a statement.


An Apple spokeswoman said in an email the company had “very productive conversations with the ACCC about this” without commenting further on the court finding.

The ACCC said after it told Apple about its investigation, the U.S. company sought to compensate customers whose devices were made inoperable by the software update known as “error 53.

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According to Australian law, this is illegal as consumers are free to get their devices at third-party locations if it does not damage the motherboard or core components.

Apple has also offered to improve staff training, information about warranties and consumer law on its website, and processes to ensure compliance, the ACCC said.

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