Shakira Nazi-like necklace for sale in her El-dorado world tour

shakira finding it hurt on Tuesday after fans noticed a necklace for sale on her fan website resembling a symbol prominent in Nazi culture.

The gold pendant, a sun pattern with the inscription, “Shakira El Dorado World Tour,” is nearly identical to the Black Sun symbol—otherwise known as Schwarze Sonne in German.


the necklace’s uncanny resemblance to the German sun wheel, which is still heavily associated with neo-Nazi occult groups. Side-by-side screenshots of the merchandise, showcasing the necklace and Black Sun’s striking similarities, have since made rounds on the Internet, sparking fan outrage.

though some fans bashed and blasted the Colombian singer for her use of the Black Sun symbol, others presumed that She may not have been aware of the significance with neo-Nazis.

The pendant cost $9.95 on her online store. Shakira kicked off her world tour in Germany.

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Although it is almost certainly an accident, it seems that whoever made the design for the columbian singer promotional necklace didn’t do much research. Nazi symbols are banned in Germany and, according to Bento, the Black Sun is on the list of far-right symbols to watch out for.

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