Resident Evil 4 Mod gets fresh fights,new Update & Trailer

resident evil 4 is one of the most desirous mod for cult survival action game Resident Evil 4.Resident Evil 4 HD Project, has achieved another firm milestone and got a new trailer to celebrate. RE4HD Project aims to extensively update the visuals of the original game.

resident evil

Resident Evil 4 mod was a landmark game back when it originally released over 13 years ago, in 2005. It became a huge critical and financial success upon release and is still to this day often cited as one of the best games ever made. It influenced many other action games with its over-the-shoulder camera and great action gameplay. Shinji Mikami, legendary Japanese game developer and often named as the inventor of the modern survival action-genre with the first Resident Evil game, returned to the franchise to direct Resident Evil 4. As a crass risk, he introduced major changes to the series, which stayed well up until the most recent Resident Evil 7. A more action oriented gameplay, cinematic and over-the-top sequences and a player controllable camera.

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the original Resident Evil 4 hit the jackpot and received numerous ports and remasters. One of those was in 2014 when Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD, a remaster arrived on the PC. It featured a complete visual remake but ended up with errors,some graphical features missing or not working correctly, low-poly models and textures etc. This is where two avid fans of the game stepped in and made it their mission, to update and fix RE4HD mod to the standard the classic deserves.

An enormous task for any volunteer group, so it is understandable that it took the RE4HD Project team, who is only two-man strong, more than 3 years of devoted work to almost attain their goal. The work is not fully done yet as the team notes, there is still some work left, like character models but the majority of it is done and to celebrate the occasion, the modders have released a new trailer. They also announced the 13th of July as to when fans will be able to download a recently made release of the mod.

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