Nicki Minaj’s Album Release ‘Queen’ Is Out Today

Just last week, it was unveiled that Minaj would be delaying her album’s release for a second time, pushing Queen back to Aug. 17, due to complications relating to the clearance of a Tracy Chapman sample. Its release date has been moved a third time, to noon today (Aug. 10).

The new release window piggy-backs on her new “Queen Radio” show on Apple Music’s Beats 1, which went live late Thursday.Nicki Minajs Queen is literally a moving target.

“I was gonna play the album right now but someone fucked up,” she said during the broadcast, Spin reports. “It’s a lot of corporate drama in here.” Nicki also said she’d completed the album just three hours before going on air.

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On Friday, just 1 hour before its release, Minaj will return to Beats 1 to play Queen in full and walk through each track, sharing stories behind each number, which also include the previously-released “Chun-Li,” “Bed” and “Rich S**.

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