Eminem “Kamikaze” 1st Week Sales Projection Updated

Eminem sales figures might be even stronger than projected initially. The initially estimate had Kamikaze raking in $350,000 in its first week, but now those numbers have been adjusted to well over 400,000 units sold. The numbers have been compiled by Chart Data, one of the Internet’s most trusted sources of analytics.

The feat is quite impressive considering Eminem pulled the lever on the record when no one expected it, on Thursday-Friday at the stroke of midnight. Eminem fans were anxiously awaiting his submission to the Venom soundtrack when surprise, Marshall delivered a full LP.

On the other hand, it doesn’t hurt that Eminem’s rap feudalism help generate a ton of interest in the project, attention he would have likely garnered had he dropped another Revival. In comparison, Nicki Minaj only managed 185,000 copies sold with every trick in the book.

The longer the wait for Eminem’s anticipated response to Machine Gun Kelly, the likelier rap fans are to regurgitate his album, meaning Kamikaze could far exceed the estimated total, and keep its pace going into next week.

His last album was panned by critics and snubbed by some fans, though it topped the British charts nonetheless.

Eminem caught the entertainment world off guard with the surprise release of “Kamikaze”, his 10th solo album, produced less than nine months after his last effort.

In it, he lashes out at his favourite targets: the critics, rappers who have shunned him and US President Donald Trump.

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Eminem is the international act with the most number one albums in Britain this century. British singer Robbie Williams is the only artist to have more, with 10.

Eminem has also demonstrated a willingness to do things the old fashioned way, in ordering a distribution deal in retail markets for CD editions of his Kamikaze release.

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